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Ed’s journey from wheelchair to quadriplegic adventurer has in no small part been down to the clarity and power he’s absorbed from his ventures into the wild since his accident. It’s this story that has in large part inspired M2M’s fundraising trips into the mountains. We carefully design the adventures, piecing together the detail and the logistics all the time with challenge, discovery and of course fun in mind. It’s more than just a trip into the wild; our team of life coaches, breathing, yoga experts and motivational speakers add extra dimensions that help cement the impact of the adventure and provide the platform and tools from which to continue with the positive steps once you return home. Ed himself will be part of the team to show the mere mortals what it takes to climb a mountain in full gear as a recovering quadriplegic, burning up in the region of 10,000 calories a day wearing a smile the entire (most) of the time. Anyone can join an adventure with M2M on our fundraising open climbs; individuals, couples, friends, companies, teams but our funded foundation climbs are reserved for our beneficiaries.

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Himlung Himal (7126m)


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Walk The Coast


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Mount Toubkal | Morocco


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Icelandic Highlands


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Himalayan Adventure


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Re-uniting with yourself and nature. Whether it be trekking around the Cornish coast or summiting peaks in the Himalayas we work with the very best to ensure our adventures challenge, inspire and instil confidence in everyone who attends.

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Mera Peak


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