ALBANIA 15/09/2024 - 21/09/2024

54 Days To Go

About the trip

An enchanted journey through the unspoilt Accursed Mountains of Albania.

Unlike much of Europe’s most beautiful mountain regions Albania’s Accursed mountains are completely unspoilt and that’s what has drawn us there. Mesmerising landscape, breathtaking views, enchanting waterfalls and quaint mountain villages gives the sense of stepping back in time and into a disney movie.

Highlights of Your Adventure

Theth Village: Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Albania as you visit the quaint village of Theth. Explore its stone houses, meet friendly locals, and savour delicious homemade cuisine.

Breathtaking Views: Hike through awe-inspiring terrain and witness panoramic views that will leave you speechless. Capture the beauty of the Accursed Mountains from vantage points that seem straight out of a postcard.

Enchanting Waterfalls: Discover hidden gems as you trek to some of Albania’s most beautiful waterfalls.

5 Days of Adventure: This immersive 5-day trekking experience will push your boundaries but the great thing is, there’s loads of flexibility on the route so it’s a great introduction to trekking.



Day pack to be used each day so you don’t have to carry luggage.

Flights not included.

Run through Kaki Tours a local Albanian Company with great experience.

All other T&C’s will be discussed upon enquiry.

The price of the trip only covers costs for the charity so we kindly ask that people consider fundraising for M2M during the challenge.


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Experience Required: 2/10
Fitness Required: 7/10
Difficulty: /10



15th September 2024


Fly from London – Tirana.

Arrival in Tirana.

This stunning Albanian trip begins with an airport pick up and a 4 hour trip north into the mountains where we will stay in the beautiful village of Theth. Here we will enjoy a good dinner and a briefing about the upcoming hike.

Accommodation: Theth.

Full board meals.


Hike: Hike for 6 hours with 600m ascent and 900m ascent. 10km.

Accommodation: Theth.

Full board meals.

With an easy stroll out of the village we will begin our tour of some of the more known sites of Theth. Places on the hit list will be the Grunasi waterfall, Blue Eye, Nderlysaj, Tower of Nikoll Koçeku & the Ethnographic Museum.


Hike: Theth-Valbone pass for 8 hours. 16km, 1100m ascent, 900 descent.

Accommodation: Valbona.

Full board meals.

Historically a mule trail through the Albanian mountains, a wild landscape of jagged summits, deep valleys, and forested slopes, the route links two villages—Theth and Valbona—which are the gateways to their respective national parks. The Theth to Valbona trail is about 17 kilometres long. Most people complete the hike from Theth to Valbona in 7-8 hours, including stops at the cafés and regular breaks to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. It’s the perfect day hike in the Albanian Alps.


Hike: Valbone-Rosi pass (6h, 11km, 1000m ascent).

Accommodation: Valbona.

Full board meals.

Depending on how we’re feeling and the group’s abilities we have a few options this day. At the very least we will trek up to the beautiful Mount Rosie Cafe. We then have the option of continuing all the way to the top of mount Rosi (2,254m) and even passing over to Montenegro for a small section of the hike. Big day with huge rewards! We will then return to the same accommodation in Valbona.


Hike: Valbone-Snake meadows (5 hours, 8km, 800m ascent, 800m descent).

Accommodation: Valbone.

We will take a short drive to the start of the hike. A very colourful hike with open areas and meadows. On the way we will pass an area well known for production of plumps rakia, a national alcohol.


Transfer by car Valbone-Fierz harbour.

Ferry Fierza-Koman.

Car pick-up: Koman, Transfer to Tirana.

Breakfast and lunch at Mrizi i Zanave Agrotourism.

We will have an 1.5h transport by bus to Fierza village. From there we will take the ferry Fierza-Koman. Trip lasts 2h between the mountains and give you a vibe of the stunning fjords. When we arrive in Koman we start the trip to Tirana. 2h/35 km of offroad road and after that we get on the main road.

Celebratory dinner.


Fly home.


21st September 2024

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