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Ever felt lonely, isolated and like no one fully understands what you’ve gone through? When we go through trauma it is often difficult to come to terms with what has happened.. Your whole life has been turned upside down, your identity may have changed and you’re struggling to see how you will ever get to a promising future. Here at M2M we want to help get back on track. By reconnecting you with the outdoors, encouraging you outside of your comfort zone and connecting you with like-minded people our programme will give you the tools to take steps towards a brighter future.

At M2M we take an inch wide mile deep approach. By limiting the programme to only 8 beneficiaries each year it allows us to give every individual the time, support and attention they need to genuinely turn their life around throughout the three year programme.


How do I apply?
Fill in the application form below as thoroughly & honestly as possible and we’ll be in touch after the deadline date to discuss options moving forward.

Can I apply for other people?
In order for each beneficiary to get the most out of our programme we feel it is important for the application to come from them so they can take ownership of their development. If you know somebody who isn’t up to writing their own application but would really benefit from the M2M programme then please email [email protected].

What if my application is unsuccessful?
Although we only have 8 beneficiary places available each year no application is ‘unsuccessful’. Even if not coming on board fully as a beneficiary we will offer everyone applicant advice and support through our connections and partner charities as well as invitations to our open events.

How do I know that I am safe?
We have a trusted board of experts who oversee our programmes and application process using decades of experience to advise how best to support each applicant. All of our trips are also run in partnership with industry leading adventure companies local to wherever the challenge is being held. You are also welcome to speak to some of our current beneficiaries about there own experiences.


The application form is open throughout the year but decisions for the 8 beneficiary places into the full programme are only made in November with the programme starting in January. You can join our Together Outdoors community whenever you like where events, get togethers and grants are active throughout the year. Find out more about the Together Outdoors programme here* link to Together Outdoors page.


In order to be considered for a M2MF grant it is important that you fit in to some but not all of the below criteria.

Facing a mental or physical health challenge as a result of trauma.
Stuck in a transition in life and unsure how to move forward.
Want to improve and willing to try.
Those who cannot afford to come on a climb and/or afford to pay for aftercare.
For adults aged between 18 – 45.
If you are unsure if a M2MF grant is right for you then please contact Lois and she will be able to discuss what the Foundation is able to offer.


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