In addition to the annual allocation of eight beneficiary spots, we offer smaller grants tailored to individuals in our Together Outdoors Community. These grants are specifically intended for individuals whom we believe would greatly benefit from the communal aspects inherent in our programs.

Recipients of Together Outdoors grants have the opportunity to participate in our flagship UK event, ‘Walk The Coast,’ where they can connect with the M2M team and receive personalised support during the walk. Furthermore, they gain access to our ‘Together Outdoors’ walks conducted throughout the UK, strategically designed to foster openness, instill a sense of calm, and facilitate connections among individuals who have undergone similar life experiences.

To express interest in becoming a Together Outdoors Grant recipient, kindly fill out the provided application form below. Please note that the same eligibility criteria for beneficiary spots apply. We encourage those aligned with our mission and recognise the transformative power of nature and community to consider applying for this unique experience.

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