M2M is privileged to have remarkable corporate partners whose unwavering support is the lifeblood of our charity. Our relationship with these outstanding organisations is a true Win:Win, and we dedicate significant time and effort to ensure mutual benefits.

In order to provide our corporate partners with a clear understanding of the impactful outcomes of their fundraising efforts and donations, we offer insights into the meaningful work undertaken by M2M. Previously, this has involved collaborative initiatives, such as organised trips to the mountains with our founders, Ed & Lois. These experiences not only serve as fundraising opportunities but also offer a firsthand look at the transformative magic that takes place during our walks.
Moreover, corporate partners are welcome to join our Global Challenges, providing them with the chance to connect with beneficiaries and gain personal insights from immersing themselves in the outdoors alongside like-minded individuals.

If your company is interested in supporting M2M or seeking a cohesive and rewarding experience for its employees, we encourage you to reach out to us. Let’s explore how we can forge a partnership that not only advances our cause but also enhances the well-being and engagement of your team. Together, we can make a positive impact and create lasting, meaningful memories.

Check out our amazing event in Tuscany partnered with Cult Wines here!

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