Jenny was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Syringomyelia in 2007. Since then, she has undergone multiple surgeries to try and restore movement but undergoing four surgeries in two years meant Jenny woke to no sensation or control in her left leg. She was wheelchair bound and often feels like it is a “never-ending journey”.

One morning, Jenny saw Ed and Lois being interviewed on This Morning when she described feeling “a bit low and in my head”. “Listening to his story was so inspirational and seeing this just spurred me on even more”. Jenny describes the poignant moment of her first call with Ed and Lois. “It was a real pinch me moment when they told me the good news. I was on cloud nine!”

Following Ed’s journey, she has seen the impact M2M has had on other beneficiaries and recalls commenting on a photo of him climbing a mountain. “I said, I hope I can do this. And I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and that’s a goal of mine. The sky is the limit if you put your heart and soul into everything”. Meeting with Pete (M2M’s Neuro Physio) gave Jenny the hope that a good recovery was possible, and she knew from then on that “things were on the up”. The progress Jenny’s made is “worlds apart” from where she started. “I could barely stand”. We’ve no doubt that Jenny’s determination and resilient nature will fulfil her wish to “inspire others like Ed did for me”.

Jenny is looking ahead to meeting other beneficiaries and events but most of all “climbing a mountain with the legend that is Ed!”. She is working hard each day to give it her all and we just know she’ll smash it.

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