Lily Minton

Lily Minton

In 2020 Lily was unaware that her brother had put her forward for a beneficiary place with M2M. Lily was going through a tough time psychologically, facing depression and anxiety on a daily basis & really struggling in any social situations. Lily wrote in a recent blog “I’d gotten into such a mental trap; built over days, months, years of anxiety, depressed thoughts and paranoia (exacerbated by some uncomfortable life experiences) that were looping back and forth, that I lost all desire to stay in this world.”

Lily’s brother Hamish felt like getting outside in nature and Ed’s story could be the catalyst to get Lily back to her true self again. As Lily was only 22 at the time and unaware that M2M wanted to support her, the Foundation invited her to the Walk The Coast event in Cornwall with a friend so that she could be eased in to the charity gently. Lily’s feedback on the event was “I found it challenging and overwhelming at times, but I knew I had to be there. Cornwall was the first taste of what M2M do and I was pinching myself that I was able to go. Being amongst magic views, lush countryside and the beautiful Cornish coast was a tonic for the soul. I was in awe of others on the trip testing their own perimeters, be it spinal cord injuries and/ or other mental health challenges. What stood out was the sense of community and positive energy that encapsulate the M2M team.”

Seeing Lily flourish on this trip, asking questions, being curious and brave the M2M team had an opening on the Viking Challenge and felt that Lily was ready to go on an abroad trip. On reflection of the trip Lily said “I cannot explain the vastness of this view… It looked a convincingly intergalactic, otherworldly, warped or distorted illusion.. I felt my true insignificance here and gained a lot more of the old cliche – ‘PERSPECTIVE’. It was hard not to sit there and compartmentalise any untruths that accumulated over the years. Lois asked, “How’s this for headspace Lil?” No words for this feeling; grateful for the sunglasses, my vision blurred, and I was streaming a few happy tears.”

Lily is now back at University, has joined a cheerleading club and really enjoying being part of the M2M Development Programme.

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