Our Story

On April the 8th 2017 professional rugby player Ed Jackson lay face down and motionless in a pool. He had misjudged the depth of the water and broken his neck leaving him completely paralysed from the shoulders down.

Ed’s journey from that moment of hopelessness to now climbing some of the highest mountains in the world inspired the first thoughts of how those experiences and the subsequent lessons learnt could help others facing trauma.

Lois (Ed’s wife) is a qualified Life Coach, a natural mentor who also has a background in professional support so they got their heads together and began to develop a programme based on their knowledge and lived experience. It wasn’t long before they knew they had a formula that worked, all they needed now was a way to share it. Millimetres 2 Mountains was born.

Since 2018 those initial seeds of inspiration have blossomed beyond even Ed & Lois’s belief into the charity you see before you today; a loving, thriving support network built on adventure and community as well as a development programme refined and bolstered by a team of industry leading experts. The result, a combination that continues to change lives.

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