Our Story

The Millimetres 2 Mountains foundation was born following one persons realisation that you can choose your own path and a group of friends coming together to help others realise that dream.

The name Millimetres 2 Mountains encapsulates founder Ed Jacksons journey. Having undergone an operation to repair a fracture dislocation of his c6/c7 vertebrae, he lay, quadriplegic, on his back in ICU with only limited movement in his right arm. Despite the bleak prognosis, through hard work, a great deal of support and sheer bloody mindedness, bit by bit his body returned to him. A year later he had reached the summit of Snowdon, the first of many planned ascents to raise money for the great causes that helped him and many others when they most needed it. Over the next couple of years his journey took him from Snowdonia through the Alps and on to the Himalayas. Despite his disability Ed has reached some impressive heights since his accident however in that time he came to realise that it wasn’t about the destination or any particular summit, it was about the connection he had developed with the outdoors, the people he was meeting along the way, and the emotional impact of achieving things that he had gone on to believe would never be possible again.

“The challenges that I have faced in the mountains have had a profound impact on my recovery both physically and mentally. However I have also witnessed the effect that these trips have had on others. People arrive tentative, often not knowing each other or what to expect, they then leave only a matter of days later rejuvenated and inspired. It occurred to me that if these trips can have this effect on people who are in a good place then what sort of impact could they have on people who really need it. I came to realise that although we were raising important money to support people in need back home the real power would be to get those very people to the mountains to experience the life changing benefits themselves.”

The Millimetres to Mountains Foundation was born and Ed together with wife Lois and friend and co-founder Olly set out on a mission to help others re-define their own limitations whilst changing a few perceptions about charity along the way.


Whether it be because of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or overcoming a physical disability we believe in the healing power of purpose, progress and perseverance...

Our three pillars are the foundation of Millimetres 2 Mountains. They are woven into the fabric of everything we do, who we are and more importantly what we hope to offer others through our events, adventures and support programmes.

Purpose – Purpose is one of the cornerstones of happiness and a lack of it is often the catalyst for testing periods in peoples lives. Helping people find or rediscover purpose is an important part of what we do and why we like to challenge peoples pre-conceptions about themselves. By stepping outside their comfort zone and realising how much more they are capable of, suddenly a whole world of new possibilities presents itself.

Perseverance – The ability to stick something out for the greater good particularly in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement. Perseverance is one of the most valuable character traits you can carry through life but becomes particularly poignant in times of hardship or change. At M2M we believe that perseverance can be nurtured through experience and our challenges are designed to do exactly that.

Progress – Purpose and perseverance lead to progress. Progress, no matter how small plays a crucial role in self-esteem and the ability to value yourself. Often too much time is spent planning and waiting for the right time rather than doing. Progress follows action and once things start to move forward you would be amazed at how quickly life can build momentum. The hardest part is to take that first step and that’s where we want to help. Small steps, big dreams.

So Far

In our first year we took groups to the heights of Gran Paradiso in Italy for M2M’s maiden adventure only to be turned around on summit day due to the warm temperatures which made traversing the glacier too dangerous to continue. In October we took on an entirely different challenge in the shape of Mera Peak in Nepal, the highest trekking peak in the world at 6,500m and capable of dropping to minus 30 degrees. We launched BEAT to sell out crowds in the industrial spaces of Walcot Cafe and the magical medieval grounds of Euridge Manor raising over £100,000 for charitable causes in the process. In March 2020 we made huge strides in achieving official Foundation Status and can now look forward to raising money for our own Foundation and the lasting ways in which we hope to help people facing challenges in their life. The rise (and fall) of COVID 19 has been difficult for all of us but as the clouds clear we look forward to planning more adventures, climbing new mountains and exploring more ways of making BEAT the unique experience that we’re proud of whilst raising as much as we can to support the beneficiaries of the M2M Foundation.


Re-uniting with yourself and nature. Whether it be canoeing down the Thames or summiting peaks in the Himalayas we work with the very best to ensure our adventures challenge, inspire and instil confidence in everyone who attends.

Ed’s journey from wheelchair to quadriplegic adventurer has in no small part been down to the clarity and power he’s absorbed from his ventures into the wild since his accident. It’s this story that has in large part inspired M2M’s fundraising trips into the mountains. We carefully design the adventures, piecing together the detail and the logistics all the time with challenge, discovery and of course fun in mind. It’s more than just a trip into the wild; our team of life coaches, breathing, yoga experts and motivational speakers add extra dimensions that help cement the impact of the adventure and provide the platform and tools from which to continue with the positive steps once you return home. Ed himself will be part of the team to show the mere mortals what it takes to climb a mountain in full gear as a recovering quadriplegic, burning up in the region of 10,000 calories a day wearing a smile the entire (most) of the time. Anyone can join an adventure with M2M on our fundraising open climbs; individuals, couples, friends, companies, teams but our funded foundation climbs are reserved for our beneficiaries.

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A non profit pop up banquet and after party concept inspired by bringing together the three elements of food, light and electronic sound and supporting with vibrant circus performance within unique venues).

In 2018 M2M founders Ed Jackson and Olly Barkley spoke at length about creating an event concept that didn’t follow the usual mould. They wanted to get excited and exited others by delivering an event that was brave, weird and contrasting in places but also considered and very well executed. Above all somewhere where people can forget their perhaps, not so great week at work, their nagging boss, their parking ticket... and let go.

Beat is open to all those that want to experience it but moving fast on ticket purchase is advisable. The first two events sold out in the first few weeks of launch and the latest event had a 300 strong waiting list. All proceeds go direct to the M2M Foundation to support the fundraising efforts of the mountain climbers before being channeled into the people who we hope it will truly benefit.

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