Who we are

Ed Jackson

Founder & Trustee

If he’s not climbing mountains or coming up with a bonkers idea to raise money for charity then you'll probably find Ed at his laptop, all hours, watering the seeds of The M2M Foundation. Sounds pretty normal, a young guy seeking adventure and hard work, and few would disagree but Ed is also a recovering quadriplegic. A tragic accident in April 2017 left Ed paralysed from the neck down forcing him to retire from a successful top flight rugby career. Told he’d probably only have limited use of hands let alone walk again Ed has shown ruthless defiance, focus and sheer hard work to allow himself the opportunity to live a relatively normal life.

He has gone on to summit some seriously challenging mountains, become an ambassador for Berghaus and several charities and deliver motivational talks to companies like Facebook and Microsoft. If this wasn’t enough, he has also worked himself into the highly competitive position of TV presenter with Channel 4. Not bad.

Since his recovery began Ed has always had the dream of starting his own charity so being able to merge this dream into his love for the great outdoors quickly became his main focus. Ed is the leader of the pack as Chairman of the charity, paving the way for others to see how you can really start small and dream big.

Olly Barkley

Founder & Trustee

If you feel like you’ve seen this face before you may well have.... Although the former England rugby international has now stepped away from the limelight he remains just as passionate about delivering world class performances. Wether it’s developing houses, curating events or behind the decks his eye for detail combined with a tireless work ethic usually results in something pretty special. Take him on at an electronic music quiz at your peril...although he may let you win if you offer him chocolate.

With an innate ability to dream up and action even the most ambitious ideas Olly is the creative spine of the team and the brains behind B_eat.

Lois Jackson


The glue, and Ed’s better half. Whilst Ed’s up a mountain or Olly is deep in music Lois keeps the whole operation moving forward. A former netball superstar, she takes every opportunity to showcase her athletic ability, sometimes in the gym but mostly through the medium of dance. A bit of music and any audience is enough to set her off, she certainly brings the fun but don’t be fooled she also brings the expertise to facilitate it. Lois is the lynchpin pulling the strings at our B_eat events and not only that, as a professional life coach her eye is integral to designing and operating our adventure and aftercare programs. Effectively the boss...