Mount Kenya

January 2025

396 Days To Go

396 Days To Go

About the trip

Climbing Mount Kenya is a remarkable adventure. Kilimanjaro’s slightly lower but arguably more impressive younger brother offers awe-inspiring natural beauty, from snow-capped peaks to lush valleys.

We pride ourselves on making the ascent a memorable challenge, allowing you to test your limits and experience personal growth whilst towering above the cradle of civilisation whilst our guides' expertise guarantees you'll encounter the unique flora and fauna that call Mount Kenya home.

Moreover, by working with local guides in an area that receives far less foot fall than Kilimanjaro we are actively supporting sustainable tourism and local communities, contributing to the preservation of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Climbing Mount Kenya with us is an adventure that leaves a positive impact on the environment and the people who depend on it. Join us for an unforgettable journey of a lifetime.

Experience Required: 7/10    
Fitness Required: 8/10    
Difficulty: 7/10




Depart London .


Arrive Nairobi; transfer to Mountain Rock Lodge (1950m); acclimatisation walk to Mau Mau Caves.

We drive to Mountain Rock Lodge, around a 4-hour drive in time for lunch. This afternoon we walk to Mau Mau caves in Mount Kenya Forest Reserve. These caves used to be the hideout by local freedom fighters that fought for independence in the colonial period. This is a pleasant walk through the tall towering trees. The forest reserve is home to a wealth of birdlife, game and plants, with at least 11 unique species on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya. You may see Colobus monkeys up in the trees and elephants and buffalo through the clearings. (1950m).


Transfer to Sirimon Gate and hike to Old Moses – 3,340m.

Short drive, crossing the equator en-route, to the Sirimon Park Gate. From here we trek up through magnificent montane forests, bamboo and giant heather zones before reaching the high altitude moorland and our first campsite, "Old Moses" at 3,340m. This first day's gentle trek takes 3-4 hours and climbs 690m.


Trek to Shiptons Camp – 4,236m.

Up the spectacular Mackinder Valley past strange giant groundsel and lobelia plants to emerge onto what looks like a set from Star Trek - Shipton's Campsite at 4,236m. This is a surreal setting below the towering peaks and glaciers, with its resident populations of bizarre rock hyrax and beautiful sunbirds.


Acclimatization day – ‘Hike high sleep low’.

For better acclimatization you can take a rest day at Shipton's campsite. Short walks possible on the summit circuit here. We normally climb about 370m to Hausberg Col before returning for lunch. Climbing high and sleeping low is excellent for acclimatization - but you can do that almost as well lounging in the sun watching the eagles!


Summit Day.

Early start to reach Pt Lenana at 4,895m for sunrise. The climb starts on frozen scree and continues on a rocky track with some very minor scrambling. With a good moon you barely need a torch. Without a moon, then the pollution-free sky, bang on the equator, gives you as good a view of the stars as almost anywhere on Earth. The climb takes between 3 and 5 hours and to add to the exhilaration Kilimanjaro is usually visible on the horizon. A further 3 hours down to a late breakfast by Hall Tarns in the magnificent Gorges Valley. Then on to Michaelson - 4,000m to relax our tired legs as we are rewarded a memorable stay at this site with a dreamlike setting below the sheer 300m cliff of the Gorges Valley and fascinating views of the towering peaks and glaciers.


Lake Michaelson to Lake Ellis 3,470m.

After breakfast we commence 3 hours trek down past spectacular chasms, waterfalls and weirdly eroded lava flows for our final camp by Lake Ellis 3,470m. A lake with breathtaking views against a mountain background.


Descend; drive to Nairobi; celebration dinner at hotel near airport.

We descend down Mount Kenya up to at (3000m) in 2 hours before a short drive to a much needed shower and beer! En route we stop to enjoy lunch. We then drive on to Nairobi where you will stay at a hotel near the airport and have your final group dinner.


Fly to London .




Flight inclusive from London (including all air taxes) .

Small group supplement for 15-18 participants - £95 per person.

All other T&C's will be discussed upon enquiry.

The price of the trip only covers costs for the charity so we kindly ask that people consider fundraising for M2M during the challenge.

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